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Jackie Merri Meyer, book cover for Slow Food by Michael James, first published 1992. Via Cooper Hewitt

片山健 - エンゼルアワー 片山健画帖(幻燈社) [1971]

SALES – Getting It On 

Double Take. Norman Rockwell (American, 1894-1978). The Saturday Evening Post, May 10, 1941. 
Rockwell has the viewer seeing a glamorous, mature woman superimposed onto the body of a young co-ed who is reading, naturally, The Saturday Evening Post while her school books are stacked on her lap. It works well as Rockwell has handled it in such an off-hand manner, so that the viewer is deceived by the casualness of the composition and caught off guard.

BOOK OF THE DAY: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy’s’ Anna Karenina is the biggest masterpiece of love in literature. Its reputation as the most passionate love story has been solidified by the most prolific authors of the world.
Anna Karenina is a beautiful woman in an unhappy marriage with a wealthy, powerful government official of St. Petersburg. The novel begins with the arrival of Anna and her husband to Moscow at the Oblonsky home, where Dolly Oblonskaya has caught her husband, Stiva having an affair. Eventually, Anna is able to reconcile the family, which was once torn by adultery.
Anna meets Dolly’s younger sister, Kitty, who has two suitors pursuing her: Konstantin Levin, an awkward landowner and Alexei Vronsky, a handsome military man. Kitty declines Levin’s romantic advances in favor of Vronsky, who has already moved on and fallen in love with Anna.
Vronsky follows Anna to St. Petersburg, where their passionate love affair begins. Her deep dissatisfaction with life leads her to rebel against Russian society and scrutiny. She abandons her son and husband for Count Vronsky. Anna is desperate to find the meaning of her life and fill the void of dissatisfaction.
Madly in love, Anna becomes pregnant with his daughter. They form a life together, which results to be dull for Count Vronsky. Prohibited from seeing her son, Anna realizes she has fallen into a bigger pit of fire and does the unthinkable.
On the other hand, Tolstoy does a fine job in presenting Kitty’s and Levin’s love story, which results in a happy marriage after a dreary beginning.
Vladimir Nabokov has deemed  Anna Karenina as “one of the greatest love stories in the world of literature.” While Matthew Arnold, an English poet and cultural critic, has called Anna Karenina a piece of life, rather than of art. From the famous opening lines,“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” to the tragedies of infidelity, Tolstoy never fails. Tolstoy’s does an effortless job weaving in the two central plots of love. The contrast between an unexpected, tragic ending and a happy life on the other side tug at the human soul.
Read excerpts from the novel here! Get the book here! 
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Scullion - White Side of the Night, 1983
Artwork by Jack Breen

Wim Wenders by Jan Dawson, New York, Zoetrope, 1976.
(fourth printing 1980)